Welcome to the Jungle

Its basketball season once again! And to tip things off, the Gilbert Tigers are hosting their 4th annual Welcome to the Jungle Tournament. Made up of a 2 pool, 8 team bracket, this tournament kicks off the season for the Tigers program. Basha, Desert Ridge and Pinnacle join Gilbert for pool A. With Pool B made up of Williams Field, Chandler, Perry and Westview.

Coach Jay Caserio and his boys started things off with a very one sided and impressive 63-41 win over Desert Ridge in the opening game. The later games had Perry get past Williams Field, 58-53. Pinnacle beating Basha, 59-44. And Chandler knocking off Westview, 72-58.

Tonight the Westview will face Willaims Field at 3:30, Chandler and Perry at 5:00, Tigers will face Basha at 6:30 and Desert Ridge will face Pinnacle to wrap up the evening at 8:00.

Full bracket on the Gilbert Tigers website... http://gilberttigerbasketball.org/t-welcome.htm

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