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Its not over until its over

Anyone that has played sports, regardless of the level, has heard their coach say something like "we are still in this" during a pep talk. These words are meant to keep the team focused on the task of winning and not to focus on what the scoreboard might be showing at the time. I know that this site is dedicated to high school sports, but I'm going to shift over to the college games for a moment. Yesterday's college football slate was made up of mainly rivalry games to finish up the regular season. Mainly to determine who might be moving on to a bowl game, a conference championship or even the "final four" in the playoffs. Yes, a many of the games finished out like they had been scripted, but there are always a few that keep us on the edge of our seats.

Sports are a large part of my life and have been since the beginning. Many of my family members are season ticket holders for both ASU football and basketball. My first college football game was before I had even turned 1! So of course I was watching the Territorial Cup game this weekend. The first 3 quarters of the game were frustrating as a Sun Devil fan, but they were never far enough down to call them out of it. Then, from what seemed out of now where, they came alive and things started going their way. Interception, fumble recovery and moving the ball up the field and all of a sudden ASU had their first lead of the game with just over 3 minutes left. But as the game clock ticked down the final seconds, UofA still had a chance. Lining up for a fairly straight 45 yard field goal attempt with just 11 seconds left. With Sun Devil nation holding its breath, we watched it fly... then with one collective shout of joy, it went wide right.

ASU only led for 3:08 of the game. But it was the only 3:08 that mattered.

Earlier I saw an Ohio State team embarrass Michigan. Later in the evening, I watched the LSU - Texas A&M game go into a 7th overtime! Both considered upsets, more for the fact that the losing team is now out of consideration for the playoffs, than for the winning team beating a team they shouldn’t have.

It’s not over until it’s over. Not just in the game you are in, but for the entire season. Play as hard as you can until the final whistle blows and you will see the results will start going in your favor.

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