Frequently asked questions

How do I watch a game?

At the top of any page is the "WATCH HERE" button that will list the current teams that have channels on the SBBN network. Each has a Live/On Demand area of their custom channel where you can watch previous or currently broadcasting events.

Can I my team get its own channel?

Start by looking at our PLANS page to see what package will fit your current budget and your needs. Each package includes the same unlimited event streaming with the option of adding LTE service for use away from a WiFi signal. The different levels are based on the equipment that is needed for your level of service.

What is the SeasonCast App do?

The SeasonCast app is for both teams and fans! For the team, the app is used to broadcast the event, with scoreboard, clocks and various other event specific functions. For the fans, the app can be used to watch the events either live or on demand when they are on a mobile device and don't have access to a large screen device.

Can I use the system to keep game stats?

Currently we don't have a stat keeper built into the system for tracking individual players. But we are currently working and testing one and if there is enough interest will put it into full use.