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High school and club sports are bigger than ever before.  But unlike college or professional sports, following these teams can challenging.  The local news might give highlights along with a final score, but unless you are in attendance, watching the game is nearly impossible.  Until now!  SBBN provides a place where club and high school programs, of any size, can broadcast their games to anyone that has access to the internet.  Allowing parents, fans and alumni that can't attend in person, the opportunity to watch live and on demand.
The purpose of SBBN is to showcase the many kids and programs that play the games for the thrill of competition.  We thank the many that watch our broadcasts and the continued support and feedback from a growing community.
Thank you coaches, players and parents for your continued support!  It can't be done without you!
Meet the team

Founder & Lead Sales


Just a dad that enjoys watching my kids play sports.  Blessed to have 3 wonderful boys that enjoy playing sports as much as they do.

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